Beginners Meditations is meditation made simple and was founded by Michael Atma. Michael Atma

Our mission is to teach the world to have more calm, clarity and focus through simple meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Michael is a meditation and mindfulness expert. He lives and breathes meditation every day and knows only too well just how powerful a tool it is to change your life. In his mid twenties, Michael was at the peak of success as a corporate executive that traveled the world and got paid like a King, only
to have it all come crashing down around him when the company folded.

Not knowing what to do next, Michael headed off overseas to study meditation. This was the beginning of an ten year journey which took him around the world learning over 120 mindfulness and meditation techniques from a variety of disciplines.

As a result of learning meditation Michael began to write books and do public speaking. It also enabled him to uncover his life’s purpose and wake up each day feeling inspired to be alive.

He then started teaching others how to do the same with great success. All of which has led to the creation of this website and a variety of meditation, mindfulness and personal growth programs for people of all ages and gender.