Access the Gentle Energy of Your Heart Through Heartfulness Meditation

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Life is becoming increasingly hectic, as people become preoccupied with work, family life and various amusements and distractions. And on top of that, it seems like we can’t live without technology – the Internet, our mobile devices, various social media – these days. As this happens, people are becoming more and more disconnected with the heart.

This is where heartfulness meditation can truly benefit our lives. It helps us reconnect with the simplicity and the pureness of the human heart. It teaches us how to return balance to our life – finding the harmony between the inner wisdom of our hearts and our material life.

Here is a simple daily practice of Heartfulness to help deepen your experience and appreciation of life.

Set up the Right Environment

To start your session, find a place where there is no distraction and you won’t be bothered. Ideally, the practice should be done at the same time and location over the next several days. Make sure you will remain undisturbed for 30 minutes. Moreover, eliminate any form of distraction, which means turning off your mobile phones, television and radios, for example.


Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and begin this relaxation technique:

Start with the toes; wiggle them and feel them relax. Relax you ankles and feet. Feel the energy move up from the earth, up your feet to your knees, relaxing the legs. Relax your thighs – the energy moves up your legs, relaxing them. Now, deeply relax your hips, stomach and waist. Relax your back, from the top to the bottom – the entire back is relaxed. Relax your chest and shoulders. Feel your shoulders simply melting away. Relax your upper arms; relax each muscle in your forearms, your arms, right up to your fingertips. Relax the neck muscles, then move your awareness up to your face. Relax the jaws, mouth, nose, eyes, earlobes, facial muscles, forehead, all the way to the top of your head. Feel how your entire body is now completely relaxed.


Move your attention to your heart. As you rest there, gently hold the idea that divine light is illuminating your heart from within and is attracting your attention inward. Feel immersed in the love and light in your heart. Remain still and quiet, and slowly become absorbed in yourself. Remain quiet and get lost inside yourself. Remain in this state for 30 minutes.

If you find your mind drifting away, just simply bring your focus back to your heart.

Once you come out of meditation naturally, take a few minutes for write down your observations while meditating in a journal. Doing this is highly recommended because you are able to reflect on how long you meditated; where you focus was during meditation; and how you felt focusing on the heart, instead of the mind.

In heartfulness meditation, the aim is not to empty the mind. It doesn’t seek concentration and it doesn’t require the use of a mantra. Thoughts are allowed to come and go. Through practice you learn that by bringing the focus back to the heart, you become less bothered by noise in your mind.


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