Achieving Thoughtless Awareness

 “Don’t do anything; just go into thoughtless awareness.” This is the sage advice of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. She developed and taught this unique meditation technique that enables the individual to quickly reach a state of mind called thoughtless awareness.

What Is Thoughtless Awareness?

Thoughtless awareness is the amazing state of mind where full self-realisation is reached. It is when the mind is calm and empty of distractions. Negative thoughts and emotions are wiped off the mind amidst peace and pure silence to achieve a total clarity and focus that lead to increased self-awareness.

Understanding Thoughtless Awareness

What comes to mind when thoughtless awareness is mentioned? To the regular person, the term may sound confusing. Thoughtless, yet aware? This sounds contrary and impossible. It is quite the other way around for those who have tasted its fruits. For meditation practitioners, it makes perfect sense. It involves putting yourself in the present, not in the past or in the future. Relaxed and in the state of thoughtless awareness, the mind releases its power and it becomes a reflecting mind. You have freedom to think of any thoughts, yet unwanted thoughts cannot enter your mind. When thoughtless awareness is attained, a totally relaxed mind is also totally focused on tasks needed to be done in your daily life. In silence, you have a complete control of your being and you are connected as one with the Divine.

Achieving Thoughtless Awareness

Because people have different sets of responses, they also have different ways of achieving this higher state of awareness. Practicing meditation is one of them and there are many different techniques. Sahaja Yoga Meditation can get most people to reach quickly the awakening of self, and gain personal power, awareness, and control. You can attend a one-hour introductory class then practice it on your own each morning and evening for 10-20 minutes.

The Thoughtless Awareness Experience

One practitioner shares her experience on how she arrives at thoughtless awareness. Here is how blogger Axinia Samoilova describes it: “I feel the cool breeze over my head, which relaxes the scalp and then somehow the brain. It is absolutely real because I cannot force it and sometimes I do not feel it, or I feel a warm breeze – and even if I want very much to have it the other way, I just cannot influence that. It is just there – or it is not. It is like the 7th sense!”

Thoughtless awareness is prized by many meditators because of its benefits. You, too, can achieve this state of well-being, serenity, and fulfilment with practice. Pretty soon, you’ll enjoy all its great rewards.

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