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Meditation Linked To Success

The phrase “practice makes perfect” is not always true. Well, this is according to a new study that links meditation with success. There are people who, however hard they try, they can’t excel at what they do, whether it be career or sport. The reason is because the secret to perfection can be found inside […]

Family Meditation: Get Your Children To Meditate

Some schools have added meditation courses to their school curriculum/activities, and this is a good thing! Research shows that teaching children mindfulness practices can improve their attentiveness, self-control, respect for their schoolmates and empathy, not to mention relieving their stress, depression, anxiety and hyperactive behaviour. Moreover, school children who meditate see significant improvement in their […]

Access the Gentle Energy of Your Heart Through Heartfulness Meditation

Life is becoming increasingly hectic, as people become preoccupied with work, family life and various amusements and distractions. And on top of that, it seems like we can’t live without technology – the Internet, our mobile devices, various social media – these days. As this happens, people are becoming more and more disconnected with the […]

Motivate Yourself with These 10 Zen Habits

Zen, probably the most popular form of Buddhism, is all about looking inside ourselves for enlightenment. People cannot find the truth through rational thought or studying the Bible or participating in ritual rites. The first step towards enlightenment is controlling your mind through meditation and other methods that engage the mind and body together; and […]

Being A Mindful Mom

Being a parent is the greatest job and, at the same time, the most challenging job there is. It is your job to nurture young minds so that they will grow up to be responsible and upstanding members of society. But the reality of being a parent, especially being a mother, can be challenging. And […]

Improving Your Attention Through Meditation

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of practicing mediation, including expanding grey matter, strengthening the immune system, relieving stress and promoting a sense of well-being, are well documented. Now, a recently published research suggests that meditation can increase attention span. This is the reason why Buddhist monks, thanks to the hours they spend on meditation, […]

How Meditation Helps Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis is possibly the most devastating news that a person can ever receive. Effective medicines are available and scientists are tirelessly working to find a cure for cancer to the give the world hope, but still the initial reaction of cancer patients is misery and despair. These negative emotions don’t help in the […]