Be Truly Free – And Happy

Freedom is priceless. It is so precious that it is one of the basic rights of a person, even a child. Being free in life is something that is to be cherished greatly by each individual. Some take it for granted while others crave it. Some people revel in it their whole lives, but many others are unnaturally bound, sometimes from birth. To be free is such a valuable thing that the amount of freedom you have usually determines the direction your life can take.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is defined as the state of being free from any confinement or restraint. By being free, one is at liberty to do what he/she wills or wants, out of one’s own choice. There are many things that can hamper a person’s freedom. Some cultures are bound by political, economic or moral forces that limit their sovereignty and independence. Others live in a world that is open and liberated, and yet they are restricted by personal constraints. These restraints are in the form of addictions, insecurities, stressors, physical ailments, unhappiness and many others that often result to destructive behaviours.

Happiness and Freedom

The pursuit for happiness nowadays is of so much focus that it is an everyday topic among all sectors of society. Friends spend hours over coffee just talking about their varying status of happiness. Organisations and groups conduct talks about how you can be happy in life. Recreational activities are being made available, even marketed for profit and turned into million-dollar businesses, in the name of “happiness”. And yet there are millions of lonely people in unhappy marriages and broken families. This is because they do not understand that to be truly happy in life, one also has to be truly free.

Breaking Free with Meditation

To be truly happy and free, you need to disentangle yourself from the clutches of your personal demons. Firstly, you need to identify what it is that holds power over you. Whether it is an addiction, a bad habit, a traumatic experience, a fear or phobia, a person or a thing that holds you back from making a positive choice, you need to recognise and admit to yourself that, indeed, it has control over your actions and decisions. This is not an easy step to take and this requires more than just a passing thought. Writing your thoughts down can fuel your determination and strengthen your resolve to fight back and be free. Reflection helps in sorting out your situation and meditation is probably the best practice to help you along the way.

Meditation, indeed, helps to free you from bondage. The time you spend meditating can clear your mind, quiet your thoughts, strengthen your resolve and bring you at peace with yourself. Meditation allows you to feel freely and focus only on the moment. By dwelling in the present, you experience freedom, not looking to the past or into the future. With the right technique and enough dedication, meditation can engage you to become a power within yourself.



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