Breathing Meditation Techniques

Breathing Meditation Techniques Post
If you are a beginner trying to learn how to meditate, then the first step for you is to learn breathing techniques. Correct breathing techniques are the focus of many types of meditation as this can be the best first step to achieve a peaceful nature within. These techniques should be easy enough to learn, especially if you take note of the following guide.

Keep Away from Distraction

If you are just starting to learn meditative techniques, it will be easier to begin by finding a quiet spot. In the office, close your office door, so you can be alone in a silent moment. In your home, your bedroom can be that perfect place. You may feel more peaceful in a quiet garden, where only the birds and wind blowing are the only things you hear.

It will be difficult to start meditation if there are distractions around, so find that quiet place for your breathing exercises. With that quiet place, you can now start to clear the mind and focus on breathing.

Find a Comfortable Position

Another important part of meditation is finding the right position in which you can feel relaxed but not conducive to sleeping. You can meditate standing up, walking, sitting down or even lying down. Many guides would discourage lying flat on your back as this could make you fall asleep. Meditation is being aware so you need to stay up to do breathing exercises.

Perhaps the best position for beginners would be the sitting position with legs crossed and palms facing up and placed on top of one another. Keep your back straight and remove tension from the shoulders. You can have your eyes partially closed to help you focus on breathing.

Practise Concentration

Once you find a quiet place to meditate for a few minutes, focus on your every breath. Focus on the sensation of breathing in and out. Your breathing becomes your point of concentration and meditation. If other things come to mind during the exercise, just let those thoughts pass and return your focus on the breathing.

Over time, you will become better and better at focusing on your breathing. This action, although simple, will help you enhance your ability to concentrate. Concentration involves putting all attention into one object. In breathing meditation techniques, the object is the breathing. After a few sessions, breathing meditation will help you through stressful times when you get bombarded by so many issues at work or in life in general.


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