Can You Learn Happiness Through Meditation?

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Sure, we laugh all the time. We laugh at jokes. We laugh with friends or co-workers. We laugh when we happen to watch something funny on the telly or read an amusing line from a book. But are we really happy?

True happiness is elusive and many people try to find it without success. This is because the meaning of true happiness eludes. We are influenced to believe that that we will feel happy by accumulating material things and achieving goals. We think we are happy when we do things to please our senses and emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with satisfying our senses, but it is fleeting and superficial. Genuine happiness can be achieved by eliminating the root of our unhappiness. Unresolved issues from our past, and our struggle with our present circumstances are normally the root of our discontent.

Through the practice of meditation, we start to view what happened in our past from a broader perspective, and this helps us change our understanding of them so they no longer have the power to hurt us. By meditating we further develop our inner strength, and this allows us to face all of life’s challenges head on.

Start the Day Right

How many mornings have we slept late, dressed in a hurry and skipped breakfast in order to arrive at the office on time?

This is not the right way to start your day.

It takes discipline but make it a habit to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Go to your meditation space, sit down, and start to breath in and out. By meditating, you are able to centre yourself and set your intentions for the day. Determining your intentions before you even step outside your home allows you to mould your experiences and your reactions to the happenings around you. You are in control on what kind of day you will have.

Shield Against Anxiety

Meditation helps you turn off the negative thoughts that cause you to feel anxious. By the simple act of relaxing and focusing on your breathing, you let go. You are able to focus on positive vibes and thoughts, thus keeping anxiety at bay. Meditation teaches you the tools to deal with that familiar anxious feeling.

A More Profound Connection with Yourself

Often we live our life according to what we think others expect of us. But sometimes who we are and what we think we should be are two different things, leaving us with a feeling of discontent and dissatisfied with our life.

When you are in a meditative state and sit in silence, you start to hear that inner voice telling you who you really are. You become aware of your thoughts, feelings and sense of your genuine self. It is easier to feel true happiness if you can connect with your true self.

It is easy to make meditation a part of your daily routine. You don’t need anything special to begin, just a quiet place and a few uninterrupted minutes. There is no right or wrong way of practicing meditation. Start without expectations or self-judgment. Just sit quietly, focus on your breathing and let peace and quiet settle in your mind and within you – just for a few minutes.


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