Different Ways to Make Meditation Fun

Monks in sombre robes sitting still like a statue and people in lotus position unmoving in deep concentration or chanting quietly to themselves – these are images that tend to perpetuate the misconception that meditation is boring; it is not fun at all. But you will be surprised how the ancient practice has evolved over the years – it is not as rigid as when it was practiced in the old days by holy monks. You can actually try things to prevent you from getting bored with meditation.

Change Location

You’d probably reach a point when you would get bored meditating in the same location. The beauty of meditation is that you can do it anywhere. You can meditate while sitting on the train on your way from work or sitting inside your car while you wait for traffic to clear up ahead. You can also go for more exotic locales like the beach or mountain while you are on holiday. If these are not your style – no problem! Do it in your garden and allow yourself to be lulled into calmness and serenity by the smell of the flowers and sounds of the bees or birds. If you don’t want to go out of your house, change the setting of your room a bit and make it look like you’re in another location.

Recruit a Mate

Meditation is not a solo activity – you can do it with a mate. Find someone who is as keen as you about meditation. The role of a meditation buddy is that you can motivate each other when one is losing interest and slipping up. And when you reach certain milestones, such as practicing meditation for four weeks without fail, you and your buddy can reward yourselves by going out to eat a healthy meal. It’s also nice to have a buddy to go with you to meditation or spiritual retreats.

Use Meditation Aids

There will be times when you have difficulty settling down and focusing. If you need extra help meditating, play easy listening instrumental music or music specifically created for meditation. Use the sound to relax you and help you find peace within.

Meditation is fluid – you don’t need to sit in a lotus position if you find it tricky. The rule is to find a good location and settle in a comfortable position. You don’t have to do the parts about meditation that you find annoying. Try different ways that would make it as beautiful and as satisfying an experience as possible.

It should be fun for you, not a chore. Meditating because it’s the IN thing to do is a recipe for disaster. So, find out the thing about meditation that would benefit you. Focus on that and make it your motivation to keep on going.


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