Doing Absolutely Nothing for 3 Minutes Could Benefit Your Brain

It may sound outrageous, but three minutes of doing nothing can, in fact, do wonders for your brain. What is commonly preached is that you need to continue to exercise your brain to keep it sharp and alert. But overuse of the brain can be dangerous. Just like hard-working machines, your brain needs a break every once in a while as well.

With our busy lifestyle in this technologically advanced age, your brain gets exposed to non-stop influx of information, exchanges and all sorts of noise. Do not wait for your brain to get burnt out because over-thinking or wandering thoughts. Learn to do nothing for three minutes and reap the mental benefits.

Why You Need a Break

You may enjoy brain games as they stimulate your brain and makes things interesting. You may gravitate toward a busy lifestyle because you do not want to feel idle. Stimulating the brain with numerous activities can be beneficial, but the brain also needs to rest once in a while.

When you do not take time off from hectic activities, you tend to lose the important connections that make life fulfilling. Not only are you prone to losing connection with loved ones, but you also lose connection with yourself. Taking time out allows you to be introspective and to meditate to ground yourself.

Unexpected Effects

Your brain is designed to think nonstop, but it also needs a break. You usually get the best rest for your brain when you sleep and your brain wanders off restfully. But if you are working or studying, you get tempted to use your brain nonstop.

The misconception is that stopping for a while and doing nothing equate to laziness or being irresponsible. You may think, with so little time, how could anyone even consider resting for a few minutes? This type of thinking is utterly incorrect and should not influence your thinking.

It would be good to consider that many truly successful individuals give their mind and thinking a few minutes of rest. Doing so helps to strengthen the brain. When your brain becomes relaxed, it can perform better in solving problems and tackling difficult and stressful situations. At work, this is important as you become less tired despite the piles of work you handle every day.

If you are leaning on the artistic or creative side, taking time to do nothing will help you become more creative and imaginative. This happens because when your brain rests, your subconscious becomes more active and it can bring forth ideas and imagination that you would not have come up with if you had been thinking too much.


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