Douse Anger With Meditation

Have you ever lashed out and wished you could take back the words? It’s a lot worse than items strewn and smashed on the floor. You can replace things but you can never take back words and undo the pain they’ve caused.

Anger could blaze like a bushfire or burn slowly like white-hot coals. Either way, it destroys. If you don’t snuff it out, it could consume you from within and turn your relationships into ashes.

But how do you turn it off? There’s no switch you can easily turn on and off.

Getting angry, just like experiencing happiness, love, and other positive emotions, is part of being human. Unless you’re completely “enlightened” like Buddha was, it’s impossible to block it off. However, you can learn how to let it go.

Take a look at this anger meditation technique:

Start by making a promise to yourself. Promise that you won’t react to anger through words or action while you’re practising this technique. You’ll be confronting anger in the process. So, prepare yourself.

Forget the person or event that made you angry. The cause of your anger is inconsequential. Regardless of who or what caused it, the emotion is the same. Just focus on the feeling of anger itself.

Next, pay attention to your body. How did your body react to anger? Hands turning cold, shivers moving down your torso, and face and ears turning red and hot are common physical manifestations of anger. It could also make your heart pump harder and faster or make you feel cold and numb inside.

Now, breathe. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. Allow each breath to meet and assuage the anger inside you. Continue breathing in and out until you feel calm and stable. Focus on it and let it increase your awareness.

Anger clouds judgement. So, stop meditating only when your anger subsides and your head clears. Aside from dousing your anger, this meditation technique will help you think and make the right decision.

Remember, meditation doesn’t block anger. On the contrary, it helps you accept it. It calms you down and gives you wisdom and time to consider what to do next. Without it you can either say or do things you’ll deeply regret.

In addition, anger is a strong form of energy. Although it’s a negative one at first, you can channel it and use it to be productive. Anger meditation will help you turn it around. It will strip off the negativities and give you pure energy you can make use of.

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