Explore Your Creative Instincts With Meditation

Explore Your Creative Instincts With Meditation Post

Meditation is one powerful mental activity that should not be taken for granted. Some of the most successful companies in the world, including Google and Walt Disney, even use this exercise to bring out the best in their employees.

You can use this simple mental exercise as a way to enhance your creative thinking, not only at work, but in every activity in which you engage. With the help of meditation, you may be able to tap into your creative potential that you may not realise you have. Here’s how it works and what you can do to get a good start.

Tempering Emotions

Mindfulness meditation exercises help your mind to manage emotions in a good way. When this is done, the other parts of your brain are freed to engage in creative thinking. Emotions are a big blockage in creative thinking as they put your mind out of balance. When your emotions are out of control, your brain gets busy; thoughts keep racing in your brain, yet you go nowhere. When emotions are tempered because of meditative practice, solution-focused and higher level ideas tend to flow more freely inside your brain.

Diminishing Reactive Tendencies

Another unhealthy mentality is reactiveness. A part of our brain is designed to help us survive, so it functions to react to situations in a survivalist manner. When this primitive part of the brain is activated, we become less organised and tend to panic as a reaction to the situation at hand. What this part of the brain is used to, is to run and react no matter what the consequences as long as survival is ensured. The result is that we become stressed out and creative thinking is suppressed.

With the help of short meditation, your brain gets trained to veer from the reactive tendencies when facing difficult situations. This helps the creative part of your brain to be more active. Otherwise, tapping into the creative part of the brain takes longer. That is why companies go for long hours of brainstorming, just to get some ideas through. With a meditative mind, the brain does not have to go through some gruelling exercise to become more creative.

Learning to Focus

You can start to tap into your creativity by spending a few minutes daily for mindfulness meditation. You can choose the type of meditation to use regularly. The important thing is that you are comfortable with the meditation method that you are using. It can be sitting, walking or standing meditation.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Thoughts may start to develop while you are focusing on your breathing, but just let them pass and bring back your concentration on that single activity—breathing.

After a few days of practising meditation, you will notice a remarkable change in how you think and how you process thoughts. You become more creative in finding solutions to the problems presented to you. In a relaxed state of mind, you are also faster in coming up with ideas that will benefit your work.

The changes are happening within the brain, so you may not think that something is actually happening. However, over time, you will notice that you are more capable of handling situations that previously would have thrown you off balance.


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