Feeling Energetic? Try Movement Meditation

Movement or moving meditation, as the name implies, is any meditation technique that involves actual physical movement such as walking or dancing. In contrast to the “usual” sitting meditation method many people have associated the practice with movement meditation and welcome the use of every limb and most especially, the involvement of the senses.

It requires paying attention to all body parts, being aware of the sensations, and seeing your body as a separate zone. Your body becomes a different world you must enter and experience.

In movement meditation, you give your body the freedom to move. Feeling light and relaxed, your body moves slowly. It enables you to focus on the motions and how ever part co-ordinates with the other.

Movement Meditation Exercises


The most common method of movement meditation is walking. Deliberately slowing and relaxing your pace, you keep yourself present in the moment with every step. You stay aware of the surroundings — the temperature, the feeling of the wind against your skin, the sound and the sights, the feeling of the ground against your skin, the strain on your muscles, and more.

Move Freely

Spend a few minutes with yourself and move freely. No gesture or action is wrong. Raise your arm slowly, sway your body left and right, point your toes, flex your wrists, roll your head. Do anything you want as long as you synchronise every action with your breath.

DIY Foot Massage

Now isn’t this a nice way to treat yourself? Flex your leg towards you and reach for your foot. Give yourself a foot massage. Slowly work your fingers around your toes, the heel and ball of your foot, the arch, and your ankle. But don’t do it absentmindedly. Focus on how the tension ebbs from the muscles as you press, knead and pull. Once you have done that, work on the other foot.

Explore Your Home

This is a good exercise to give your home a once-over. Move around your home. Peek into the nooks and crannies you usually take for granted. Touch the objects in your home. Notice the texture and be aware of the arrangement of objects. Pour your attention into the activity and keep your mind focused as you “explore”.


If you want to break some sweat while meditating, just dance! Move to the rhythm and pretty much lose yourself. Who cares? No one is watching anyway. Have fun but don’t forget your primary goal: to be one with your body and be in the moment.



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