Fight The Blues With Love Meditation

L-O-V-E. The strongest emotion in the world. It has been covered in every song and every film imaginable. The word is constantly thrown around that not a day passes by where you can’t see, hear, read, or speak of it.

But despite being ubiquitous, love’s meaning is hard to pin down. Ask anyone to define it and you’ll probably receive more “uhms” than straight answers. Love is universal but somehow, it’s also elusive. Trying to capture its true meaning through words is difficult, if not impossible at all.

Love is better off felt than explained. It’s definitely a nice feeling to hold on to. However, all of us have days when we just feel blue. It’s so easy to drown in stress and sadness that everything else in life loses colour and turns cold.

When that happens, use the energy you have to bring warmth and hues back. Learn love meditation and use it to tap into the best of all emotions whenever you feel down.:

Find a quiet place where you can be alone. You can either sit or lie down. The important thing is to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Begin your meditation by saying “love” out loud. It’s only one syllable but savour its sound. Say it again and again until the negativities you feel begin to subside a little.

Once you’re settled and calm, think about specific moments in your life where you felt loved. Picture them one by one and recall the love you experienced during in every moment.

In this meditation technique, the memories don’t have to be romantic unless you want them to be. Remember, love has many forms. Romance is just one of them. So, widen your scope of recollection.

Go back to your childhood. Think about the time you opened the most memorable Christmas present you had as a kid. Recall how your childlike happiness and excitement made you feel loved. How about your mother’s special chicken soup? Flash back to the days she would cook it for you to make you feel better.

How about moments from your favourite vacation? Think about the sights that took your breath away. Remember the profound connection it made between you and the Earth as well as the gratefulness you felt for having the chance to see it.

Think about your most trusted friends. Remind yourself of the times they went out on a limb for you. It wasn’t their obligation to please or help you, but they did it anyway because they love you.

Keep the love-filled thoughts coming and let the warmth fill every part of you. Allow love to wash the blues away and make you feel better.

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