Finding The Time To Meditate

For many beginners and inexperienced practitioners, one challenge (and sometimes, an excuse) that derails the desire and resolution to meditate regularly is finding the time to do it. This is a common problem that has a solution. Are you ready to find out how? Well, read on.

1. Prioritise it. Do meditation first thing in the morning, if you can. Do not procrastinate. Doing it in the morning gets it out of the way, plus you reap its benefits for the rest of the day.

2. Wake up earlier. Get an earlier start to your usual day for meditation time. You’ll be happier you got up early to meditate.

3. Create a habit. Set a specific time for meditation. Use an alarm clock, if necessary.

4. Forgo the daily news. Unless your livelihood depends on it, learn to live a few days without watching the news. It will save you precious minutes for meditation every day.

5. Unplug from technology. Forget the world and its demands for a few moments. Turn off the TV, radio, phones, and the internet.

6. Skip the adverts. TV adverts have a way of grabbing your attention and sucking hours from your day (without you knowing it) that are better spent meditating. Recapture those stolen minutes by using a TV recorder or a streaming service to watch your favourite shows without the adverts.

7. Banish yourself from others. Not forever, just for a short spell. Take yourself away (or sneak off, if needed) for a few moments and spend it wisely meditating.

8. Join a group or class. Enrolling and going to class can compel you to do your meditation. It also helps when you have someone like a meditation buddy to encourage and cheer you on with your meditation efforts.

9. Delegate. Relieve yourself of some pressing and time-eating duties by asking for help with work or chores from a family or team member.

10. Chop up meditation sessions. If you cannot do an hour of it straight, try four mini-sessions of 15 minutes each. Or, do 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes before bedtime. You can even do just one 15-minute session and it’ll be good. It is not the length of it that matters but the quality of time you devote to meditation.

11. Educate others. Solicit your family’s support by educating them on the benefits, as well as and why you need to do meditation. Tell them how important it is for your health and to your day.

Want to break out from that “not enough time” rut? Just do it.

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