Finding Your Own Mantra

Mantras are words or phrases that you repeat over and over again to achieve a level of calmness and power over you. Using mantras in meditation helps in channelling your focus towards something positive. Repeating words or phrases during meditation makes it more effective because you are deep within yourself and in touch with the Kundalini – the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition.

Mantras for Meditation

Meditation mantras can come in any language, but because meditation has been practiced in India for thousands of years, common mantras are in ancient Sanskrit. When deep in meditation, your thoughts are sounded out by your mantra and Mahatma Gandhi has said something that rings true until today. Your thoughts become words. Your beliefs become your destiny.

A Mantra for You

It is important then that you find a mantra for yourself, specific to your needs. You can follow a traditional method. This involves Sanskrit syllables created by a complex number system related to your birth date, the time you were born, and the numerical values of your full name. The correct mantra for you will be created by the vibrational frequency of these numerical values. Today, a simple and modern way of finding your own mantra just requires a piece of paper and a pen, for making a list of three things you want to change in your life. Come up with a positive phrase out of this list and make it into a declaration. Begin with “I am” to create a powerful statement that will make it happen. Write it down on an index card and be creative with colours and embellishments. Post it where you frequent, where you can always see it – at your work desk, in your car, or on your nightstand. Repeat to yourself often, either silently or aloud. Make a habit of pronouncing your mantra when you awake, during the day, when you need to reaffirm it into your life, and before you sleep. This will help you continue to focus on the positive changes that you want in your life.

Top Common Mantras

There are many common mantras of old that you can use. One that tops the list is the timeless and eternal ‘aum’ from Hinduism, meaning “It Is”, “Will Be”, or “To Become”. “Ham-sah” is another Hindu mantra that proclaims “I am THAT”. From the Hebrew Torah, God announced Himself to Moses with “I am that I am.” A Hawaiian mantra makes it right between you and others with the utterance of “Ho’oponopono” which means “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”. You may also invoke one from some modern mantras uttered by famed and influential thinkers. Here are a few of them:

I change my thoughts, I change my world.”-Norman Vincent Peale

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Love is the only miracle there is. -Osho

Remember, mantras work best because these are personal. And change can only happen if you believe.


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