Five Challenges Faced By Meditation Newbies

Meditation Newbies PostMillions of people around the world are practicing meditation worldwide and more and more are being encouraged to join. It’s easy to do, but you are in for some challenges especially if you are just starting out.

Here are a few challenges that can drive you to quit practicing meditation:

Lack of Time

At first, your enthusiasm is so high that meditating regularly is no hardship. But gradually your regular sessions get sporadic and eventually they are set aside because you have more important things to do. You feel like there are a million things you should be doing instead of meditating.

Change your view of meditation so that it will be added to the list of important things you need to do every day. If you start to view meditation as part of your basic routine, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, then it won’t be as easy for you to skip it. There are things we do to prepare our physical bodies for the day ahead; why not add an activity to get your mind ready as well?

Doubting that You’re Doing it Right

You are taught that meditation is about focusing on your breathing and thinking about nothing. Don’t start fretting if you can’t do this. You are not a failure. In fact, it is normal and a major part of the training. You are strengthening your brain’s power of concentration each time your mind drifts away and you gradually reel it back in. It is this drifting away – and your taking notice of it and responding to it – that sparks cognitive change. Don’t dwell on whether you’re doing it wrong – what’s important is that you’re doing it.


Have you experienced a compulsion to do some other activity while in the middle of a meditation session? If you are ever in this mood, then you would probably want to end the sessions early and eventually you’d want to stop the practice altogether. To avoid feeling impatient, acknowledge the feeling instead of giving into it. Remind yourself that the benefits you can gain from meditation will help you be more effective in any activity you want to do, including those activities that are at the root of your impatience.

Dissatisfaction with the Lack of Epiphany

Perhaps, you started meditating because you are expecting a realisation of a big epiphany about your life. If it’s not happening, you may start to question why you are meditating at all. Don’t expect to find some great important answer about life in meditation. Always remind yourself that the aim is to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and that is by calming your mind and body and being more aware of the present moment.

Feeling that Meditation has done Enough for you

The objective in meditation is to feel good. However, “feeling good” can also be your biggest challenge as it can, without you being aware of it, wear down your determination to keep your meditation routine. You may be mistakenly thinking that it’s okay to skip your daily session since you already feel good. If you miss too many meditation sessions, you will undo all you have learnt and lose the positive outlook in life that you have developed.

Meditation can be trying and challenging – especially for beginners – but it is a gym for your brain. These struggles are part of meditation experience. Don’t give up so easily because the rewards are so worth it.


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