Handle Work Stress Better with Quick Meditation Breaks

Think about the 24 hours you have every single day. How much of it do you spend at work, preparation and transportation included? A third? Or maybe even more than that?

We spend most of the time we have at work. And whether you see it as “just a job” that tides you over or the career you’ve built for yourself, it comes with stress. Although it’s not that bad all the time, we all have our share of boss-zillas, looming deadlines, mountainous paperwork, negative co-workers, unreasonable workloads, crazy Murphy’s law moments, et cetera. The list can go on and on.

However, we just can’t say “I QUIT!”, right? We have bills to pay. And working, the act itself, becomes an extension of ourselves, an integral part our system.

So, in order to avoid burnout and to shield ourselves against the negativity in the workplace, here’s how we can make use of meditation:

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or preoccupied, resist the urge of throwing yourself headlong into the task. There’s a huge chance you’ll commit mistakes and stress yourself out more than you already are. So, take a moment for yourself. Two minutes will do wonders for your frazzled mind and frayed nerves.

Find a quiet area where you can be alone. While standing or sitting, breathe in and out deeply. Focus on your breath. Feel the air as it passes through your nostrils as you inhale. Notice how your chest rises and how your stomach slightly distends. Exhale slowly through your mouth and pay attention as the air leaves your body.

Keep doing this for at least two minutes. Focus on your breath to keep your head free from thoughts. This will calm you down and clear your mind.

In addition, try your best to squeeze meditation into your daily schedule. Try a few techniques, find which works best, and practice it for 20 minutes every day. It will help you fight off stress and relax better.

Aside from this quick office meditation exercise, you can also keep stress at bay by zoning out for a few minutes. Grab your earphones and listen to your favourite song. Nudge the volume up to cancel the outside noise and quietly lose yourself in the music and lyrics.

Lastly, don’t forego breaks. Stand up from your desk and do something else. You can grab a snack, take a walk or have a quick friendly chitchat with a workmate. Just do anything other than work. Use these breaks to refresh your mind and re-energise yourself.



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