How Meditation Is Transforming Schools

Adults tend to think that they are the only ones experiencing stress, but stressful situations also happen to younger people. To help young students to better deal with stress, there has been a growing movement in the school system to incorporate meditation in daily school activities.

What Schools are Doing

Some schools are recognising the impact and positive results that meditation brings to people, so they are adding some meditation minutes to each school day. One example of a meditation program for schools involves setting aside 15 minutes for meditative practice in the morning and the afternoon.

Meditative activity is the best way to start a hectic day at school. During the few minutes allotted, the children get to sit down quietly and meditate. Some schools schedule the meditative sessions before starting class. In some cases, the activity is used as a perfect way to end the school day.

Schools adding meditation to the academic activities usually make use of programs developed by experts in the field of meditation. These programs put emphasis on meditative techniques that are well suited for younger people. This means that the techniques tend to use play techniques and imagination to help children meditate.

Positive Effects

Schools that have been using meditation tools in their curriculum attest to the positive results that can be observed and quantified. For instance, there has been a marked decrease in the number of suspensions and trouble-making among students. Meditation also helps children improve in their academic achievements. These are astounding results, especially when dealing with youngsters who can easily become distracted and lose focus on their studies.

Simple meditative activities in school help train the minds of children. Even if the program only involves a few minutes a day, when done on a regular basis, the results are significant. With the help of meditation, children’s behaviour is improved. Children who are quick tempered and who are always looking for trouble get to manage their emotions differently as they learn to be more patient and accepting of the situations presented to them.

Another benefit of meditation in schools is the improvement of children in academics. This is because meditation does train the mind to become more focused. With this skill, children become better in solving problems and in concentrating in their school work.

Meditation is often seen as an adult activity, but children can benefit from it just the same. With the right program designed for schools, children can become better adults in the future.


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