How To Meditate Using Breath Awareness

How To Meditate Using Breath Awareness post

Meditation has a way of improving the lives of practitioners as it helps to restore balance within. This happens when the mind finds its centre and begins to become more aware of the world around. One of the easiest ways for a beginner to get into meditation is to practise breath awareness exercises.

If you are interested in meditation, you can start with breath awareness, which focuses on inhaling and exhaling. The focus on breathing can help make your mind become stronger. Without you noticing, you are becoming a healthier, happier and stronger person inside. You start to feel love and peace from within.

Practicing breath meditation sounds simple enough, but a deeper understanding of the practice will help make it purposeful. Breath symbolises life. When we focus on breathing, we learn to appreciate being alive. Focusing on breathing will help you become more conscious of the connection between the physical and the spiritual.

Following is a step by step guide to practicing breath meditation

Find a Comfortable Position

It is important that you feel comfortable when you meditate. Choose a sitting or standing position where you feel comfortable, so you will not become distracted by the uncomfortable position when you start to meditate.

Close your eyes or keep them half-closed as this will help you not to become sleepy. Place your hands together on your lap, with both palms facing up. Your posture should be straight but not tense. Make sure that all parts of your body are relaxed throughout the meditation exercise.

Breathe Naturally

Take in three deep breaths, and then start to breathe naturally, meaning that it can be long or short breaths. Breathe through the nose and with your mouth closed. Focus on your breathing as the air flows in and out of your nose. Feel the flow as you inhale and exhale. You can choose to focus on the nostrils where the air comes in and out. Be aware of the sensation of each breath. Continue to focus on your breathing until it becomes natural for you and you feel less distracting thoughts.

Stay Focused

There are different types of meditation, and most of the time, they can be differentiated by the focus of attention. In breathing, it is solely on the breathing and nothing else where you put your focus. As you proceed, you may start to become aware of other parts of your body, but let this just come and go and stay focused on breathing alone. Thoughts may also come in. Let them be, but do not hold on to them. Let them go and proceed with the breathing meditation.


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