How to Zen Out in 10 Minutes

How to Zen Out in 10 Minutes Post

You must have heard of the good things that meditation can bring to your life. Not only will you be able to relax better with meditation, you also tend to be healthier as a result. With regular and proper meditation techniques, you get to stay away from dangerous diseases such as hypertension and heart illnesses.

Because your body is usually more relaxed, you also become mentally stronger, able to deal with stress more effectively. You do not get easily angered and you become more loving in general.

One of the most popular types of meditation is zazen or Zen meditation. Basically, this refers to sitting meditation, popularised by Zen Buddhists. This is a simple technique that you can practise daily. You also do not need to allocate a lot of time to make Zen meditation effective. In fact, you can only use ten minutes to Zen out of your busy and hectic everyday life.

Sit Comfortably

Central to Zen meditation is the way you are seated. You can use a small pillow to sit on, but this is not a requirement. You can cross your legs with knees resting on the floor, or you can cross legs and place your feet under each thigh.

Another possible position is to kneel down, with the hips resting on the ankles. You may also choose to simply sit on a chair. There is no right or wrong position. The important thing is that you are sitting upright and you are comfortable in the sitting position of your choice.

As you find the proper position, place your hands in front of you, with one hand on top of the other and palms facing upward. Before you start meditating, make sure that all parts of your body are free of tension.

Focus on Your Breathing

The next part of the exercise is to breathe in and breathe out. Take long breaths and focus solely on how you inhale and exhale. You can close your eyes or keep them half-open.

Manage Your Thoughts

The exercise is focused on breathing and if thoughts start to race inside your head, do not be alarmed. This is normal and can happen to anyone, especially beginners. If you are someone who goes frantic over stressful situations, then meditation is perfect activity for you.

When your mind starts to wander into so many directions, recognise the thoughts and simply bring back your focus to your breathing.

Stretch Out

After the short meditative exercise, do not forget to do some simple stretching to get ready to go back to everyday activities again.

Ten minutes of Zen meditation can come a long way for you. But if you can increase the time for meditation, then it is all the better.


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