Land A Job Faster Through Meditation

There’s more to job hunting than sending out resumes, waiting for phone calls, and passing interviews. On the whole, it’s all about ‘selling yourself’. The phrase may not sound right but it is what it is. You are the product and the service, and you’re out there convincing potential employers, not to buy you of course, but to hire you.

So how do you get hired?

The big 3 — skills, knowledge and experience — is not enough. The manner you present yourself is crucial, and it’s a mixture of eloquence, tact and confidence. It’s the tricky part, so to speak. But if you want the job, you have to nail it.

Meditation may not give you the big 3, but it will help you ace interviews. You’ll be able to present yourself the way you want to and come across your soon-to-be new boss just right.

Meditation calms your nerves

It’s okay to feel slightly nervous during interviews. But too much of it will either stop words from flowing out of your mouth or make the wrong ones come tumbling out. Meditation will shoo those butterflies out of your stomach and soothe interview jitters. You can be the best you during interviews and impress your soon-to-be boss.

It clears your mind

During interviews, you need to impress the person or persons sitting opposite you. At this point, you words have the largest impact. So, impress them with answers that are insightful and sincere yet straight to the point. And you can only do that if you have a clear mind.

Sure, you can prepare for the usual job interview questions and memorise answers beforehand. But you’ll never know what kind of questions they have up their sleeves. So, you always have to be ready.

Meditation keeps you positive

Job hunting isn’t called ‘job hunting’ for nothing. When you’re looking for a job, you’ll find several ‘targets’ and there’s a good chance you’ll miss more than you hit. But that shouldn’t wear you down. Ignored applications and rejection letters are part of the game.

In addition, being in-between jobs is not an easy place to be in. It’s a rough patch and it could make anyone highly susceptible to stress and worry — the last things you need if you want to get through unemployment.

Meditation will help you stay positive and optimistic. It keeps stress and anxiety away, which consequently helps in brushing off rejections quickly and keeping your focus on the goal.



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