Loving Kindness a Way of Life

helping hand postMore than anything else, living a life full of love is the best thing we can take away from meditative practice. You may have started engaging in meditation to deal with stress at work or to be better at what you do, but ultimately, you also develop a loving attitude toward other people.

When you develop loving kindness with the help of mindfulness meditation, you start to unlock the path to bliss and inner peace. It is in loving that we become truly happy. As you progress, your actions and words directed to others are always filled with loving intent.

Where It Starts

For you to make loving kindness a way of living, you will need to start from within. You cannot possibly love others if you do not love yourself first. But loving yourself does not mean the self-centred and narcissistic kind. This means respecting and recognising your own value, moving away from negative perceptions of yourself, forgiving yourself for faults in the past and appreciating the many positive qualities you possess.

Sometimes we become imprisoned by thoughts that hinder our growth and spiritual development. If you focus too much on your flaws and limitations, you do not fully develop as a human being. You also block yourself from loving yourself and loving others. Before you begin to fully learn to love others, you must first develop self-love because you cannot love others while thinking that you are not good enough.

Once you have learnt to accept and appreciate yourself, you can extend that loving attitude to your family and close friends. Eventually, you will feel the same love for a stranger. Feeling love and regard for others is the key to experiencing true happiness. This kind of love means paying attention, listening and spending quality time with your loved ones.

having-fun-while-meditatingHow Meditation Helps

Meditation can help you develop a loving attitude toward your family and friends as well as the people you encounter every day. Making loving kindness a part of your everyday life is part of true enlightenment, which is the end result of meditative practice. Loving deeply means being at the present time, deeply listening and giving strong regard for that person. Similarly, this is a habit that you develop during mindfulness meditation.

During mindfulness meditation, add an element of loving-kindness in your focus. Appreciate the sensation of breathing. In the same manner, be kind in instances when your mind begins to wander off.


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