Medical Benefits Of Meditation

The effects of meditation on the body and mind have long been recognised by practitioners. Research studies have also documented the many benefits that people get from meditation. Moreover, the medical world has acknowledged the value of meditation in the recent years.

Benefits on the Body and Mind

Relaxation in body and mind is one of the more immediate effects that meditating can offer those who practice it. It gives relief to those suffering from pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation can also dispel moodiness and irritability. It can also improve confidence and self-esteem. Physically, better health is gained from practicing different forms of meditation. It reduces high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and lessens insulin resistance that bring about diabetes. Studies prove that it decreases rates of heart attack, stroke and death for at-risk patients. Those who meditate also experience relief in angina pains, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and asthma. Their immune system gets a boost as meditation powers up the killer cells that kill bacteria and cancer cells in the body.

Other Benefits of Meditation

The brain activity is differently wired when people meditate. Its many benefits include slowing down of biological aging and improvement in memory and quality of sleep. Meditation resolves phobias, neuroses, fears and conflicts. It relieves panic attacks as it lowers blood lactate levels, oxygen intake, respiratory and heart rates. It aids in post-operative healing and pre-menstrual syndrome in women. Meditation during pregnancy also brings and binds mother and child closer together.

Medical Studies on Meditation

Scientists and doctors aimed to have more concrete proof on the subject, though. To be able to see and explain how the brain is affected by meditation, studies and tests were undertaken on stressed employees. A part of the group was taught how to meditate. Scans of their brain waves were done on periods before, during, and after meditation. Results showed a shifting of mental activity from the right front lobe to the left frontal lobe, indicating that meditators were calmer and happier than before.

Aside from the physical, mental and psychological effects on a person, meditation still has more amazing benefits to offer. It rewards the spirit. A general feeling of well-being resonates within, with a knowingness that gives a deeper understanding of self and purpose. There exists a meaningful sense of oneness between the self and a higher power, which leads to an unconditional love that impacts life all around.

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