Meditate And Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Have you ever had one of those nights when you can’t sleep despite the fact that you’re tired after a hard day at the office? Sleep eludes you even when you have followed every technique on how to get a good night’s sleep that you’ve read from a book or from the Internet. You’ve tried taking a warm bath to relax your muscles, dimming the lights, cranking the thermostat to the right temperature, and still you’re wide awake.

Try Meditating to Get to Sleep

Follow these calming techniques while you are lying on your bed. It should put your mind and body in the right state to capture that elusive sleep.

  • Lie on your bed and put your hands on your stomach. In this position, concentrate on your breathing and feel the physical sensation as you inhale and exhale. Having your hands on your abdomen is mentally calming – this goes way back to when you were still a baby and your mum would put her hands on your tummy to soothe you. Take deep breathes and you will feel relaxed. Do not shallow breathe as it creates tension.
  • Envision your “happy place”. Imagine a serene imagery that gives you pleasant feelings and a place that makes you feel safe, warm and happy. Allow your mind to go where you are happy and calm.
  • Perform progressive relaxation. Begin at your feet or your head, and deliberately tense and completely relax each body part as you go from one section of your body to the next. Feel the sensation of you creating tension and letting it go. When you feel that you’ve eliminated the tension from a muscle, relax it further. You will be surprised at the amount of stress and tension that you are involuntarily containing in places such as your arms, upper back, shoulders and stomach.

More Sleep Tips

Don’t consciously try to get to sleep. The key is just to let it happen, whenever. At times, you may sleep faster if you go to bed later when you feel more exhausted. Don’t be concerned if sleep is elusive. Just lying on the bed and resting may be better than tossing and turning all night.

It is also never good to focus too much on the details. It will only distract you and prevent you from reaching the state of calm and relaxation that you need to fall into a restful sleep.

Practice Meditation to Sleep Better

Meditation raises our serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps control mental and emotional processes. It is responsible for stabilising our mood, for getting a good night’s sleep, and improving mental clarity and focus. A good, restful sleep is important because it aids our body’s recovery and healing. Start meditating regularly, and say adios to insomnia and sleep deprivation forever.

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