Meditate And Time Will Be On Your Side

Time is constant. It never speeds up. It never slows down. It ticks away like it ticked yesterday, and the day before that.

What isn’t constant is our perception of it. Time is often either too fast or too slow for our liking. And when our pacing with time is off, we open ourselves up to stress, anxiety, fears, and other negative emotions that will do nothing but rile us up and disturb the peace we have within.

So, if you’re asking why we need to meditate, that’s the answer. We have to protect ourselves, most especially our minds. Meditation serves as a shield against negativities. At the same time, it acts like balm to our core, soothing and restoring quiet within us.

More importantly, meditation makes us happier. And isn’t happiness the number one life goal for many of us? Read how meditation makes our smiles sweeter, our auras brighter and our lives richer:

Stronger Connection to the Present

Meditation reins us back to the present, whether we’re wallowing in the past or jumpy about the future. It reminds us of what’s truly going on now, dispelling our anxieties at the same time. Because of that, our thoughts fall into place too, not scattered or distorted due to the regrets or worries we have.

It Slows Us Down

Have you felt that the days, weeks, or months of your life are fusing together? They seem like one homogeneous chunk of busy-ness or just getting by. When that happens you’re not truly “living”. You resemble a robot, a thing that repeats the same tasks over and over again.

Living is about being in touch with yourself and having balance. Meditation helps you with that. It gives you a fresher and better perspective. It calms and slows you down. It helps you manage your time more effectively and see your priorities clearly.

Gives Comfort

When you feel you had a bad day, what do you do? Do you comfort yourself with a huge plate of pasta or a tub of ice cream? Or do you reach for a glass of brandy to put the day behind? These self-comforting acts may seem harmless but if you continue to seek comfort from external sources other than yourself, it could potentially spell bad things for you. After all, what they do is just mask what’s going on. They don’t truly help you deal with the bad situation.

On the other hand, meditation teaches you to rely on yourself for comfort. The practice itself is deeply comforting. Pair it up with positive self-talk, rest, and clarity of mind and you’ll be feeling A-OK soon enough.




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