Meditate For 100% Rest And Relaxation

Most people equate rest with sleep, and partially, they’re right. When you sleep, every voluntary action stops. Your body slows down and you’re left with nothing but life-sustaining activities — the beating of your heart, breathing, digestion, and blood circulation.

However, as much as it’s restorative and rejuvenating, that’s not total rest. Even if your sleep is sound and dreamless, your mind is still active. It’s unable to let go and take a break.

If you want to achieve 100% rest and relaxation, you should learn how to still and quiet your mind. You must teach it how to let go of worry, regret, and desires because those things will just wind you up, put you under unnecessary pressure, and knock you off your A-game.

Meditation is an age-old practice that works wonders inside a person’s head. It soothes like a balm and it siphons negativity like a vacuum. It clears the fog away, allowing one to think clearly and choose to see the world always from a better perspective.

And on top of all that, it acts as a sturdy shield against stress and tension while it chips away at pent up baggage — unresolved issues, hang ups and anger — that has accumulated within.

More importantly, scientific evidence backs up meditation. Based on multiple studies and brain scan results, meditation effectively reduces the brain’s activity level, giving it rest from constant thinking and planning that it’s accustomed to.

In a way, meditation frees us. It liberates us from the bad and frees up more space for positivity. Moreover, it snaps us back to the present — the ideal place where our mind and body should be rooted. It’s the only “dimension” that allows us to live in the moment.

On the other hand, the past and the future are not bad per se but if you constantly dwell on one or both, it can only lead to regret, anxiety, sadness, and other paralysing emotions. And once you’re trapped, 100% rest and relaxation will never be possible.

So, be kind to yourself. Treat your mind and body properly. As much as possible, get the right amount of sleep daily and make meditation a part of your routine. It may not be a basic need like food, water and shelter, but it would definitely bring more energy, zest, and colour into your life. It will teach you how to let go, live lighter and be more open to happiness.


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