Meditate For Harmonious Meetings

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Let’s admit it. One of the most stressful aspects of work is our dealings with co-workers. This can be experienced in meetings conducted with co-workers and managers. At some point, the meeting can turn into a heated debate and some can get offended along the way. Personalities can clash and self-vested interest can come into play.

We can enjoy being in the workplace if there is a harmonious relationship among co-workers. Surely you will still have to deal with personalities that you never imagined existed. This could result in a dysfunctional work environment that would have a bad effect on the outcome of the work.

If your work occupies a significant amount of your daily routine, then you need to work on improving your work relationship with your co-workers. A big part of the improvement should be seen in regular meetings. If you are in the dark as to how you can improve meetings, you should know that meditation is a viable solution.

Start with Meditation

It is good for you to always start your work day meetings with meditation. Meditation can effectively calm your mind, so there is less likeliness of overreacting over an issue. With regular meditation, you also improve your manner of resolving problems. Your creativity is heightened, so you tend to find effective solutions to problems. This trait is important during meetings where ideas need to be generated.

Harmony also plays a huge part in the success of a company. The outcome is positive when people work to support each other and they are working happily together. When negative emotions are set aside, workers become more creative with their ideas.

Practice Mindfulness at Work

One benefit you can get from daily meditation is the mindfulness skill. Meditation can teach you how to be mindful in all your daily activities, including interactions with people around you. This is particularly handy when you go to meetings where personalities could clash. A meditative attitude helps you become mindful of what you say and how you say it.

During the day, you can extend the meditative practice. Be mindful of the actions you take. If due to an event or situation, your temper rises or you feel annoyed, aggravated or offended, stop for a while and breathe. Beware of attitudes such as jealousy, arrogance or irritation during meetings. Take a breath so that you do not let your ego take over.

With regular meditative practice, you will notice that your relationship with your co-workers starts to improve. They will also see you in a different light as you become more charismatic. People tend to gravitate toward people who have such a light aura, without the worries and stress that bring people down.


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