Meditation Exercise Made Simple

Meditation is a simple exercise, yet many people find it difficult to accomplish. Why? Because it involves exercising the mind, and for many of us, this is a big struggle. We can become easily distracted by what is happening around us. If something comes up, we lose focus and our minds wander. This is the natural tendency of the brain.

Meditation is mainly about focusing the mind and becoming more aware of what is truly happening. With constant meditative exercises, your mind will become stronger and more malleable to the changes around you.

If you are a beginner to meditation but are becoming disillusioned and frustrated by how hard it seems, you can follow the pointers below to make meditation an easy activity.

Set Aside a Specific Time

If you are serious about making meditation a part of your daily life, you should set a specific time of the day and dedicate it to focusing the mind. For beginners, you can set aside a few minutes to meditate. This will make a big difference to the rest of your day.

Meditative Walking

You need to remember that meditation is a mental activity and can be done anytime, anywhere. While walking, you can practice meditative thinking. Focus on your feet and be ‘present’ in the present activity. Your mind will likely wander, but when it does, simply re-focus your thinking.

Learn Breathing Techniques

A huge part of meditation is the breathing. Breathe slowly and focus on every breath you are taking. This will relax your body and mind.

Find a Peaceful Place

If you can find a quiet area inside your home, then it can be the perfect place for you to practice meditation. If you are a beginner, it will be good to make sure that your home is amenable to meditative exercises. Clean it and remove clutter that can also clutter the mind. Your bedroom must feel restful as well.

You may also find a quiet place outside. It could be a part of your garden or somewhere else where you can commune with nature.


Before starting meditative exercises, do some simple stretching. This will help relax your body and it will prepare your mind for the mental exercise.

Be Comfortable

Make sure that you are comfortable while sitting before you start meditating. Find the best sitting position for you. You may read about some position to be the best, but you should use a position that suits you best and will give you balance throughout the exercise.

Meditative exercises also involve focusing on the movements of your body. You need to let every part of your body relax before you can meditate effectively.


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