Meditation for Healing

It cannot be denied that the negative vibes people encounter everyday contribute negatively to their health. Stressful situations can leave the body tired and exhausted. If the amount of stress becomes unbearable, it can lead to illness. This is why meditation needs to be treated as a mild, yet solid technique that we can use to improve our physical well-being.

Meditation can help enhance inner peace and spiritual balance through concentration, breathing and self-awareness. Continued meditation practice can lead to a better energy flow within the body, resulting in a stronger immune system and physical rejuvenation.

Bringing Consciousness Within

Meditation is very effective in revitalising the mind, but it can also be used as a means to heal the physical body. There is a simple yet effective technique that can be done to help the body to self-heal. This was shared by renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle in his book titled, “The Power of Now”.

The idea is to bring consciousness into the body to invigorate and strengthen the cells of the body. This will help enhance the immune system. You can perform this technique if you are feeling minor symptoms, which could be the first signs of an illness. The self-healing technique can also work for illnesses that are already lodged in the body. The regular practice of self-healing meditation will enhance the body’s ability to fight and do away with the illness in a natural manner.

The technique involves finding a quiet place and moment when the mind is unoccupied. This can well be done in the morning after waking up or at night before heading to sleep. With eyes closed and lying flat on your back, focus on a part of your body where you will direct the flow of consciousness. Choose one part of the body at a time and feel the energy of that part of the body intensely. Focus on that part of the body for about 15 seconds, and then flood your body with consciousness just like a wave going through different parts of the body. This should only take around one minute.

During the meditative state, focus intensely and feel the inner body as one entity, one field of energy. There may be moments when the mind will wander and lose focus on the body. When this happens, simply accept the thoughts and turn your attention back to the inner body.

You can read more about Eckhart Tolle effective self-healing meditation here. (

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