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The phrase “practice makes perfect” is not always true. Well, this is according to a new study that links meditation with success.

There are people who, however hard they try, they can’t excel at what they do, whether it be career or sport. The reason is because the secret to perfection can be found inside our minds.

Dr. Fred Travis, a neuroscientist at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA, and a supporter of Transcendental Meditation, offers a hypothesis as to why some people stand out and why others can put in long hours and still won’t excel. Something must be different in how the brain of these two types of individual functions- and that something can be explained by what he calls “brain integration”.

Brain Integration

The links between various areas of the brain in people with a highly-integrated mind are strong, focus is sharp, and the brain is swift to come up with answers for every question. Dr Travis’ latest study suggests that brain integration ignites the creativity that can deliver success.

He advocates practicing transcendental meditation to people who want to excel in their chosen field. The practice is said to eliminate anxieties and fears by teaching people how to set free their thoughts and go into a state of total relaxation. As practitioners lose themselves in the process, brain waves transform in a manner similar to what is found in highly-integrated minds.

Meditation is part of the daily habit of many entrepreneurs, CEOs and high successful people. So, it’s probably a good idea to take a page from their book.

Here’s why meditation helps in bringing people success:

Meditation can strengthen brain functions

A brain process called gyrification occurs more in individuals who practice meditation, according to findings of a 2012 study. In gyrification, the cerebral cortex “folds” due to growth; this results in the brain being able to process information faster. Researchers suspect that the process is responsible for improving the brain’s ability to process information, make decisions, create memories and improve attention.

Meditation helps you cope with stress better

The information overload that builds up daily and adds to your stress is eased through meditation. When we are overloaded with thoughts, feelings and emotions, the only way the brain handles it is to keep running through the information.

Through meditation, the brain learns how to allow things slide away by just slowly parsing through the information, little by little and eliminating what is insignificant.

Meditation boosts productivity in high-performance scenarios

In a 2012 study involving multi-tasking, participants who received mindfulness training showed improvement in accomplishing various tasks in a typical office setting. And in a 2011 study, daily meditation could alter frontal brain activity to form a pattern that is linked to positive, approach-orientated emotional states – states that increase people’s likelihood to participate in the world rather than escape from it.

An increasing amount of scientific research is proving the benefits of meditation, and it is only a matter of time before the practice becomes a regular recommendation to solve or ease various human problems. It doesn’t hurt to start integrating meditation now into our daily lives. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – it just takes motivation and dedication.


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