Meditation: Nature’s Antidepressant

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If you are suffering from depression, the kind that does not easily go away, then you may be surprised that the most effective treatment is within you. There is no claim that mindfulness meditation can cure all types of depression, but studies have found that the practice can mitigate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

With the help of meditation, it is also possible to lower the effects of emotional pain. Emotional pain and the lack of will to live are just two of the worst effects of depression and anxiety. You never know when the effects would lead to the person to do something regrettable.

What Studies Suggest

Meditation brings new hope to people suffering from depression. This comes from studies conducted on people inflicted with the illness. Meditation is deemed to be a sound alternative to the usual anti-depressant medication prescribed to patients. Aside from being effective for some patients, it is also a cheaper alternative.

Several studies indicated that those who practise mindfulness exercise showed positive results. What may also be surprising is the fact that the diminished symptoms and positive effects were observed even with shorter periods of meditative exercises. It also does not take long for the effects to be felt. In a matter of a few weeks, positive results were already observed in the participants in the studies.

Aside from observed effects on patients over time, there are also physical results observed. Based on MRI studies conducted on depression patients, meditation appears to be calming the reaction and brain activity, which often leads to stress.

How Is It Possible?

So how can a simple exercise such as meditation be the answer to an illness that has caused so much suffering for the person inflicted with the illness as well as for their loved ones?

Meditative exercises help individuals to process thought processes, which are central to emotionally charged illnesses. With an illness like depression, the thought processes tend to go downward. When people get an episode of depression, they can rely on their meditation skills to process their thoughts in a constructive manner.

Meditation helps people to deal with situations that can trigger a depression bout. For some, guided yoga or meditation is the best way to go. Once patients learn how to practise and integrate meditation into their thought processes, they will be able to deal with stress better.

Meditation teaches people to be aware of their body, their emotions and thoughts. It works to bring positivity to the thoughts of the individual.


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