Meditation Techniques to Ease Arthritis Pain

When dealing with arthritis pain, patients usually turn to pain relievers. Pain relievers do not treat anything. Instead, they just trick the mind to not feel the pain. While pain relievers and pain killers can help, it is not the healthiest option. Constant intake of these pills would be bad to the kidneys, in fact.

Another way that the patient can minimise the pain is through meditation. Many experts are recommending the practice of meditative techniques in order to ease arthritis pain.

How It Works

Meditation can be used to help a person suffering from arthritis to cope with the pain in such a way that the pain does not control the person. With meditation and mindfulness, the person does not allow the pain to be the focus, but rather they alter their emotions towards pain.

Daily mindfulness and meditation practice can reduce the intensity of the pain felt by arthritis patients. As the person learns to focus thoughts away from the pain, the pain becomes less intrusive to the mind and emotion. Instead, the patient focuses thoughts on other things that are positive and more fulfilling.

The positive effects are not only around pain management, in particular. As it works to relieve pain, the person also improves overall health and well-being through improvements in blood circulation. Coupled with healthy eating habits, this can help to effectively limit the symptoms of arthritis.

Techniques to Use

Meditation can be done using different techniques. A simple deep breathing technique is one way that a patient can use to relax and channel thoughts. There is also the yoga type of meditation, which helps the individual to connect with his or her surroundings by focusing to unite the mind, body and soul. Yoga can be the best alternative to rigorous exercise for the arthritis patient.

The patient can also use mantra chanting as a means of meditation. This involves repeating a set of words to alter and focus the thoughts. Focused thoughts help the individual to not dwell on the negative side of the disease and the symptoms.

People suffering from arthritis can choose the technique that is easiest and best suited for them. Perhaps, imagery is the best option for the patient to re-focus thoughts. Contemplative walking is also an excellent option to bring focus to inner peace instead of debilitating pain.

Meditation does not promise to treat the patient of arthritis, but it can definitely make the life of a patient more enjoyable and fulfilling. It can be the perfect complement to good medical care as it aims to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of the individual.


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