Meditation Tips For Better Memory and Self Control

Meditation Tips For Better Memory and Self Control Post

If you tend to think that meditation is not for you, then you may want to consider the good results you could get if you start practising. You could gain skills and abilities that would take years to obtain. With the help of meditative activity, you generally do things better. You eat better, you think better and you turn into a happier and more loving person.

With continuous practise, your brain tends to be sharper overall. If you are having a hard time with handling stressful problems and situations, try these meditation techniques to help you boost your memory and learn better self-control.

The Zen Way

A basic and easy meditation technique you can use is Zazen meditation. Zazen simply means seated meditation. In seated meditation, you go on a sitting position that is comfortable for you. With eyes half-closed, bring your entire focus on your breathing. Feel the sensation of each inhalation and exhalation. There is a host of guides that explore the ways of Zen meditation. You can try out what works for you best. Just keep in mind that you need to be comfortable and relaxed with the technique you follow.

Mindfulness Meditation

Another excellent meditation technique perfect for beginners is mindfulness meditation. In this technique, you release all the tension you are feeling in your body. The central aim is to be more aware and be at the moment. Start with getting into a relaxed sitting position. Be mindful of your posture. It should be erect but at ease.

There are different techniques based on mindfulness. One is to focus on your body. Explore and focus on different parts of the body from the outside up to the internal organs of your body. Be mindful of each part and as you do so, focus on your breathing as well. Your mindfulness meditation may also focus on physical feelings and sensations. You can also choose to focus on mental images, thoughts or dreams.

Mantra-Based Meditation

Another popular type of meditation is the transcendental type. In this technique, you use mantras to guide your transcendental journey. These are Sanskrit sounds that do not really mean anything, but which you can use to improve your focus and concentration. The most elemental of the mantras would be ohm or aum. When chanting this mantra, you will feel the vibration of the mantra in your body, particularly your stomach. The mantra can help you better meditate, but you can choose to continue meditating in silence if you desire to do so.


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