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Is there a second or a minute in our busy lives when we don’t think about work, family and other issues affecting us?

Our mind is a morass of activity that we sometimes feel stressed just thinking about it. At the end of a hectic day, we unwind or de-stress by watching mindless entertainment on the telly or grabbing a book and losing ourselves in another world with unique characters and fascinating plots. Sure, these activities take our minds away from things – but merely on the surface.

There’s another way to free our mind from stressful and bothersome thoughts on a much deeper level – meditation! Here’s how meditation helps us drive away disruptive thoughts and achieve inner calmness.

Reduce Unease

Our inner peace, compassion and kindness can easily get lost when we are in a stressed state. But our mind is uncluttered when in a relaxed state. Meditation is your time to achieve quiet calmness, where your mind is not busy and working. Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, stay still, close your eyes and start breathing in and out. Repeat the process until you feel your level of stress decreasing and your mind becoming serene.

Let Go of Fear and Anger

Most of us find it hard to take on or let go of our negative feelings. Our go-to mode is to suppress or reject them. This is not good because bottling up these destructive emotions brings up shame, anger, depression and anxiety in us. By meditating, you confront these feelings head-on and realise how anger and fear create unnecessary drama and anxiety in your life. You begin to realise that underneath all these is a quiet calm where your true inner self resides. Through meditation, you can get to know your inner self – your strengths and your weaknesses – and start to accept these parts of you.

Be your Authentic Self

Have you noticed that how you behave at home and at work is different? The demands of work can lead to this split personality and can prevent you from expressing the deeper parts of your being. Connect with your emotional and spiritual self through meditation and see a new, improved you – your true, authentic self that you can show both at home and at work. The connection will help you become more balanced when dealing with the difficulties you encounter in your daily life.

Be Aware

When we act, it is for a purpose, in other words, to achieve a particular objective. With meditation, there is no hidden purpose. You meditate to get yourself in the present moment, without thinking of achieving something or going somewhere in mind. You become aware of what is taking place at the present moment, whether good or bad. You simply are aware – without thinking of rights or wrongs.

Take time each day to meditate. After all, it is free and can be done by just about anyone, regardless of age or health. There is no need for special equipment and even a quiet corner in your home or office will do. You will start to feel balanced and competent as you meditate and this will show in how you deal with yourself and others.


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