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Even if you are working in a job that you love and that pays well, the rigours of work can leave you stressed, moody, sleep deprived and fatigued. It’s the reality that a normal, average person faces every day. You have to wake up every morning and go to work and you have to face work stresses and pressures. They are unavoidable, but it is in your power to do something to manage them properly.

It has been found that the sources of workplace stress are heavy workload, negative vibes from co-workers and inability to find a work/life balance. When you are stressed, you are more distracted and less creative, which means that the quality of your work could suffer. Stress in the workplace affects your physical health as well as your mental health, so it is important to find ways on how to handle pressures and keep you from being overwhelmed.

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been scientifically proven to help practitioners lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The idea is that by quietening your mind, you gain the capacity to view the world more clearly and make better decisions. If your mind is not agitated, then your emotions are steady and your inner strength becomes even stronger.

In a quiet place at home or office, sit straight, close your eyes and start to pay attention to your breathing. Follow the sensation of your breath flowing through your nose. Count your breaths from 1 to 5 silently. Start again after you reach 5.

Don’t worry about getting distracted. Just simply focus back on your breathing. Your mind will start to be quiet again after a few minutes.

Begin with 10-15 minute sessions for a few weeks, then slowly extend the duration of your sessions. You can meditate before work or during your lunch period for a few minutes.

At Work is the Best Place to Meditate

Many people can’t find time to fit meditation into their schedule. They feel stressed just thinking about adding another thing to their day.

The idea to practice your daily meditation at work is a radical one but the office is actually an ideal location because it is busy, stressful and not really a meditation-friendly place.

An employee that is stressed and unhappy cannot be productive. However, you can fight the negative vibes and even bring peace, creativeness and productivity to the workplace by practicing meditation.

Talk about your intention with your office manager. A lot of companies encourage ways to help their employees find a home/workplace balance. Perhaps, you can even invite a few co-workers to meditate with you and start a group meditation session in the office for a few minutes every day.


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