Money and Meditation – How Are They Related?

Meditation won’t make money grow on trees. It won’t also miraculously add dollars into your bank account. But it can help you make money in a way you’ll never expect. See it as a long-term money maker and you’ll realise that it must be an essential part of your routine if you want to earn more.

So, how does meditation help you make money?

Think about your income stream or streams. Think about how you make an honest living. We bet that takes a lot of work—right! Whether you spend hours at a desk or the entire day on your feet, it’s still hard work.

Hard work is good, but it could easily lead to burnout if you don’t take care of your mind, body and spirit. And that’s where meditation comes in.

Meditation will strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. It will keep you going, energise you throughout the day, and shield you against stress. It will instil calm and peace in your core, allowing you to think clearly and coolly whenever tension or trying situations come your way. In other words, it smoothes your day to day life.

But that’s not all; the benefits of meditation seep into your entire being. Over time, it will change you for the better. Physically, you become stronger. Mentally, you become wiser.

Take a look at these famous entrepreneurs (definitely rich men and women!) who have been meditating for years to keep balance in their lives and their success going:

Oprah Winfrey

Who doesn’t know the Queen of Talk? Everybody knows she’s more than just a talk show host. Aside from being one of the strongest media personalities internationally, Oprah is also the CEO of Harpo Productions Inc.

Oprah Winfrey is quite outspoken about her practice of Transcendental Meditation. For her, TM brings her stillness and it enables her to give her best at work. She has even encouraged her employees to try TM, bringing in meditation teachers to train anyone who wishes to learn.

Rick Goings

Rick Goings is the CEO of Tupperware, a multinational direct sales company that has virtually made their way into everybody’s kitchen. To lower stress and improve his focus, Rick Goings does his best to meditate for 20 minutes every afternoon.

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons is not only a prominent figure in hip hop culture, but he’s also a business magnate. To boost his productivity, he practises TM in the morning – sitting, relaxing, and chanting a mantra. Just like Oprah, he claims and believes it gives him stillness to face his day.



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