Motivate Yourself with These 10 Zen Habits

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Zen, probably the most popular form of Buddhism, is all about looking inside ourselves for enlightenment. People cannot find the truth through rational thought or studying the Bible or participating in ritual rites. The first step towards enlightenment is controlling your mind through meditation and other methods that engage the mind and body together; and relinquishing logical thinking.

Many people would probably find it difficult to get rid of the intellectual and dualist ways of thinking that is prevalent in the modern world. This can be the biggest challenge to achieving a Zen-like existence.

Here are 10 Zen-based motivational habits to help you get started on making positive changes that can transform your life for the better

1. Visualise your Goals

Rather than having an indefinite concept of your goals in your mind, it is much more effective to have pictures that you can actually envision. Get pictures from magazines or the Internet or you can draw your own pictures. Put these in an area where you can see them daily.

2. Write your Life’s Smaller Goals

The path towards the major goals in your life will be littered with smaller achievements or goals. Write these smaller goals to serve as a road map. Check it to make sure you stay on course towards success. It requires smaller steps before you can reach your bigger goals.

3. No Dilly-Dallying

Never procrastinate. Some people need just one more element before they can commence on a new project or task. Get rid of this attitude and just go!

4. Look at the Bright Side

Don’t discourage yourself by thinking that you can’t do it because you aren’t capable or there are too many hindrances. Concentrate on what you want in life and how you can make it happen.

5. Be Grateful

You develop the skill to find opportunity every day when you look for one thing to be thankful for in helping you get a step closer towards your smaller goals and bigger goals.

6. Be with People who Inspire you

Lose the negative attitude by being with problem solvers and creative thinkers. Stay away from people who think with a “half empty glass rather than half full glass”. This may be hard to do but it is vital to your personal growth and achievement.

7. Meditate Every Day

Some people may think that it is just some “mumbo jumbo” thing, but meditation is an essential tool to help you improve your mind, body and life in general. Find an area where you can sit or lie down undisturbed and imagine your goal, your achievements and the results you want. Do this daily for at least 10 minutes. Your thoughts should be specific, and you must visualise as many details as possible.

8. Determine the Reason for your Goals

If you just have a vague idea of why you want to achieve your goals, you will find yourself de-motivated and give up all together. Set aside a few minutes every day to establish the reasons for your actions, what benefits you can gain, and how this will improve your life or someone else’s life.

9. Reach for One Goal at a Time

Don’t try to accomplish all of your goals at once. Focusing on one goal at a time lets you channel your creativity and mental power into one important thing. If you can develop the habit to meditate on a regular basis, then it will be easy for you to learn this habit.

10. Get Rid of the Unimportant Things

Free your life of its mental and physical clutter, which can include pessimism, deep-rooted self-doubts, and anxieties over inconsequential things that you cannot control. Hanging on to these negative thoughts and feelings is a major waste of time and energy that will stress and depress you.

These are just a few Zen techniques you can incorporate into your life. Turn these into a habit by learning them and mastering them. You will be motivated to reach for the things you want in life with a Zen attitude.


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