New Form of Meditation for Children

Small children can start meditative practice even at their young age. If you are a parent who knows the benefits of meditation, then meditation is something that you should seriously consider teaching your child. Children who learn to meditate, even at an early age, are bound to grow up to be more responsible and emotionally prepared to face all the challenges that adulthood offers.

Children also become more prepared to tackle the daily challenges that they face. They develop good relationship with their parents as they learn to be more focused and mindful of their surroundings. While they become more disciplined, they still manage to live a happy and fun life.

Different Approach

There is no contesting the fact that meditation brings about great benefits to everyone, including children. But imagine that if adults are having a hard time meditating, it is all the more difficult for children. Most children have short attention spans and may not be receptive to instructions. What may work for adults will often not work for children. Add to this the multiple high tech gadgets that can easily grab the attention of little children and the degree of difficulty begins to multiply.

Despite the big challenge of instilling a mindful, meditative attitude in children, you can still find a way to make it easier for them to learn. A different approach may be needed for kids, especially the younger ones. You can try meditation programs that are particularly designed for children. These programs make use of their imagination to make meditation a more natural activity for them.

Meditation exercises for little ones can use their imagination to help them relax and find inner peace. With this type of meditation, children are encouraged to form images in their minds while giving them instructions that will make their mind and body relaxed. In the images they form with their eyes closed, they focus on an item such as a cloud or a tree. A story is formed with the images as they subconsciously practice to be mindful of their environment and focused on one thing.

Programs for Children

There are schools that engage children in meditation. If it is included in the child’s daily activity, then it will be easier for you. You can also enrol your young ones in a meditation class for children. This can be an excellent start until your child starts to understand and appreciate the positives that meditation brings.

It is important that you are also practicing meditation, so that you are leading by example. You can look for meditation exercises for little ones and guide your child through the mindfulness meditation process.


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