Not Feeling Well? Boost Your Immune System With Healing Meditation

For most people, healing comes in the form of a pill, a visit to a doctor’s office, or a treatment in the hospital. It’s proactive. It’s science. It’s easy to believe.

But when someone says, “Meditation can heal,”, many people won’t buy it. In contrast to the “conventional” cures, meditation seems less intense. What good will closing your eyes and staying still achieve?

Boy, you’d be surprised

Meditation has a way of speaking to your body, talking to every limb, every organ, every cell you have. It’s a gentle yet commanding voice that stirs them up to do better, and they have no choice but to obey. As a result, your health perks up and you become stronger.

Aside from countless claims that attest to meditation’s beneficial health effects, scientific data backs it up. Moreover, meditation has survived for centuries. Originating from the East, it has spread to the West. That alone is proof that meditation works.

Still in doubt? The next time you feel under the weather, try this self-healing meditation technique by Eckhart Tolle, one of the most spiritually influential people in the world. Give it twenty minutes of your precious time and it will boost your immune system, and consequently, make you feel better.

While lying flat on your bed and with your eyes closed, pay attention to the different parts of your body one by one. Begin with your hands. Feel the energy in your palms and fingers. Focus on them and isolate them from the rest of your body for at least fifteen seconds. Next, move to your feet and do the same. Continue feeling the energy in one part after the other— head, neck, legs, arms, chest, and torso.

Once that’s done, visualise energy as a wave that slowly and smoothly undulates back and forth from your head to your feet. . Feel it course through your entire body for at least a minute or so. Be present and focus as the wave moves from one section of your body to the next. Stay on it for a minute or so.

After the wave of energy, it’s time to see your body as a single pool of energy. You’re done working on sections. Feel your body as a whole. Revel in the energy. Be aware of yourself and stay in the present. Hold this state for several minutes.


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