Quick Meditation Technique For Busy People

Have you ever wished life would slow down even just for a little bit? Nowadays, it seems like everybody is in a rush. There are too many things to do but so little time. Moreover, having time for yourself is a luxury that’s becoming more and more expensive by the minute.

In this scenario, it looks like meditation is out of place. Who would have an hour or even just minutes to sit in a corner and do nothing. With all the tasks and responsibilities to take care of, it’s downright impractical., Right?

On the contrary, the busier your life gets, the more you should meditate. Stress and pressure shoves you out of balance. As you push yourself harder, you retreat further and further away from reality. Your awareness of the present diminishes as well as your energy.

If you want to be on top of things, you have to take a break and regroup. Otherwise,. you’ll be spreading yourself way too thinly. Fortunately, meditation is an option, even for busy people like you. No, you don’t have to spend hours on it. In fact, all it takes is 1-3 minutes of your time.

Take a look at these micro-meditation techniques and squeeze them into your daily routine:

Breathe Past Your Chest and Into Your Belly

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or distracted, pause for a little while and just breathe. Forget the tasks, the deadlines, and the people stressing you out. Just close your eyes and breathe deeply. Direct the air to your belly. Let it fill your lungs, expand your chest, and reach your stomach. Inhale and exhale slowly. This exercise will restore your calm and focus.

Pay Attention to an Activity

Observe and be present. For instance, if you’re standing in line for coffee, shift your focus on an activity that’s happening around you — a man engrossed in his newspaper, the barista going through all the motions of preparing a cup of coffee, or a fellow customer who is yapping away at his cellphone. Listen, take in the scene, and just be consciously present for a few minutes.

Do this whenever you have idle time instead of letting your mind drift off. It will improve your concentration and bring your awareness level up a few notches.

Micro-meditation is a technique of convenience. But, its sporadic nature does not lessen its effectiveness in any way. Just like other meditation techniques, it improves concentration, increases awareness , and restores balance.

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