Quiet Your Inner Vibrations With Chakra Meditation

If you’ve been spending some time learning about meditation, you’ve probably come across the term “chakra”. At first glance, you’ll know it’s not English. Also spelt as “cakra” at times, chakra is a Sanskrit word that refers to an energy pool within the body.

In Yoga, it’s believed that our bodies have seven chakras, seven energy pools that play huge roles in our health, awareness, impulses, and even sexuality:

• The Crown Chakra
• The Brow Chakra or Third-Eye
• The Throat Chakra
• The Heart Chakra
• The Solar Plexus Chakra
• The Sacral Chakra
• The Root Chakra

If you’ve noticed, the different chakras suggests a location in the body, starting from the Crown, which is the top of the head down to the Root which is the base of the spine. Moreover, as each position moves down, you’ll see that the positions are aligned.

Imagine these chakras as coloured balls of energy within your body, harmoniously working together and keeping your life in balance. However, when stress strikes you, they go out of sync. As a result, your thoughts become disorganised and you drift away from awareness and reality.

To help you get your chakras’ grooves back, here’s a simple guide to chakra meditation:

Correct Your Posture

In chakra meditation, a bent back won’t do you any good. For it to work, you have to keep your back straight to align the seven chakras in your body.

Sit on a meditation cushion or a folded blanket with your legs crossed. Imagine there’s a rope attached to the top your head, and it’s pulling you up towards the ceiling. Keep your back straight but relaxed.

Fall into a Comfortable Breathing Rhythm

You don’t have to force yourself to breathe deeply and slowly. It all depends on how much air your lungs are used to. So, breathe as calmly and as comfortably as you could. Focus on your breathing and visualise the seven chakras within your body.

Because of the stress you’ve been experiencing, the chakras are vibrating more than they should be. Imagine them slowing down with every breath you draw in and out. Calm them down until balance and harmony is restored.

Welcome the White Light

Visualize athe white light as an infinite source of energy that hovers above your head. Siphon it towards your head and into the Crown Chakra. Like a waterfall, let it cascade down to the others. Imagine it flowing down into the Third-Eye, the Throat Chakra, the Heart, the Solar Plexus, the Sacral, and lastly the Root Chakra. Allow the white light to warm your body and let it course through each level until your chakra centre is nothing but bright and dazzling.

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