Seven Major Benefits of Meditation

The moment you commit yourself to meditation, you’re actually handing yourself a gift basket. At first it will be empty, but it will slowly fill itself up as you work your way into the practice day by day. Soon, it could be teeming and overflowing with more than 100 meditation benefits.

Want to know what you’d be getting? They’re too many to mention! But just to give you a sneak peek on what’s coming, here are seven major benefits of meditation:

Stress Reduction

Meditation chips away at the stress that has accumulated within in you. It makes the world feel lighter and happier, and as a result, you feel lighter and happier, too. Negativity is pushed farther and farther away into the background while optimism takes centre stage.

A Stronger Heart

Meditation allows your heart to take it easy. It slows your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and consequently helps you prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Frees You From Anxiety

Dwelling too much on what-ifs and the future will likely result in anxiety, a crippling emotion that will fill you with fear.

If it has already crept into your life, meditation will free you from it. It will snap you back to the present and open up your eyes to see the “now” for what it is . And in case a bad situation comes your way, meditation will help you focus on finding the solution.

Tougher Immune System

Antibodies — these are our body’s soldiers against viruses and bacteria. Meditation has the ability to stimulate our body to produce more antibodies, enabling us to ward off diseases more effectively.

Better Focus

Meditation is often referred to as “training for the mind”. And it’s an excellent one at that. Meditation trains the mind to have laser-like focus, teaching it how to block distractions and stay calm and quiet. In a way, it lends you wisdom because once you learn how to keep your mind clear, insights come easily.

Happiness and Well-Being

Who says only chocolates and exercise can give you an instant lift! Meditation can do that just as well. It increases your sense of well-being and level of happiness while it reduces your body’s stress hormone—cortisol.

Higher Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you want to be a better you, you have to love yourself more. And meditation can help you with that! With all the psychological benefits meditation provides, you’ll be able to understand and accept yourself better. It will help you deal with your insecurities and see your flaws as areas you can improve and not as imperfections that weigh you down.

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