Shun Noise and Be a Better You

shhWhen was the last time it was just you and silence? Think about it. Can you remember a specific moment in the not-too-distant past where you’re alone and it’s so quiet that the sound of your breathing was audible?

If you can’t, that’s quite understandable. Complete silence is a luxury. Unless you regularly include meditation in your schedule, noise surrounds you all the time.

Carving out a special time for silence in your demanding schedule is important. It helps you regain balance and strengthen your bond with the present. In addition, toning down the noise level altogether helps reduce stress, resulting to a calmer and clearer mind.

To help you kick noise down a few notches and go easy on your ears, here are tips you can make use of everyday:

Turn the TV Off

A lot of people automatically turn the TV on as soon as they get home and let it chatter away even though no one is watching. This is a good example of how people have become addicted to noise. Noise is the norm; silence is not.

If you’re one of them, make a little change in your routine. Turn the TV on if and only if you’ll sit in front of it and watch. Stop using it as a tool for background noise. Keep in mind that silence is soothing while noise is deafening. So, learn how to embrace it in your own home.

Give Classical Music a Chance

Each of us has our own taste in music. If you already like classical music, then good for you. Keep the classical tunes coming. But it you’re the type whose playlist is full of upbeat or loud music, adding a few classical tracks won’t hurt. The mellifluous harmony and rhythm reduces stress and, at the same time, help you think better.

Spend More Time with Nature

It doesn’t have to be a weekend getaway every time. Surely, there’s a place nearby you can drive or walk to a few times a week that brings you closer to nature. Spend at least an hour of just being there — idle and quiet. Don’t let your mobile phone distract you or work-related thoughts occupy your mind. The goal is to give yourself respite from the hustle-and-bustle.

Relax with Rhythmic Breathing

When situations at home or in the office start to overwhelm you, take a few minutes for yourself and breathe rhythmically. Inhale for five counts, and exhale for another five. Breathing longer and deeper will calm your nerves, allow you to think clearly, and help you create a better plan of action to resolve the issues at hand.


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