Signs That Yoga and Meditation Are Working for You

Signs That Yoga and Meditation Are Working for You Post

You may have heard of the good things that yoga and meditation can bring to your life. But is the hype real? How can some simple and seemingly easy exercises change the way you live in such a big way? The changes are not easily noticeable, but if you regularly practise meditation and yoga, eventually you will begin to notice some small and big changes in yourself. Here are some signs that will tell you that your meditative activities are paying off.

You are Happier

Over time, you will notice that you are becoming a happier person. Your happiness does not depend on something special happening. It is not rooted on material things, accomplishments and feats. You are simply happily appreciating everything that is going on.

You are More Positive

You tend to look at life in a more positive way. Problems and issues may come your way, but you do not despair and instead, see the positive side of the negative things coming your way.

You See Challenges as Opportunities

You face challenges every day. Some days are filled with the worst kinds of challenges. With regular meditation, you start to see them as opportunities to grow as an individual. With such a perspective, you are better equipped to resolve issues and untangle puzzles.

With the help of mindful experiences, you do away with self-pity whenever you face multiple challenges and blockages. This is because your mind has become stronger and more resilient.

You Appreciate the Little Things

Before, you may not have seen beauty in the small things. But as you continue to meditate regularly, you start to appreciate them. It can be the distinct sound of the wind or the glow of a flower as sunlight beams on it. This leads to a happier and more joyful existence.

You are More Loving

Meditation and yoga teach us to be more compassionate toward other people, animals and nature. This happens as you grow to commune with nature.

You are More Patient

If prior to starting meditation and yoga, you are short-tempered, over time and through regular meditative exercises, you become more patient in your dealings with people. You are generally calmer, even if the other person seems to be testing your patience. This change in you gets noticed by others. People start to feel happy and positive whenever they are with you.

You are Not Easily Tired

Spending a few minutes a day in a meditative state helps you to be more mentally alert and not easily tired at the end of the day. But even if you are not easily tired, you still get better sleep because your body is relaxed and better prepared to manage stressful situations.

The changes may seem small and may not be obvious, but if you pay attention to how you deal with situations, you will notice that the changes are immense.


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