Sitting Meditation, Body Scan, and Mindful Yoga. Which Is Right for You?

As you learn about the many benefits of meditation, you may become determined to start the practice. You will find that there are many types to choose from. There are several schools of thought and each one bringing to the fore the benefits of the technique. But what technique should you use? What method suits you and how do you know which one to choose?

Between sitting meditation, body scan and mindful yoga, how do you decide which technique to use? Getting a background on these three types of meditative techniques can help you make a head start in your choice. But as you make your decision, be mindful of the fact that your comfort zone should be the prime basis.

Sitting Meditation

Also sometimes referred to as Zazen or seated meditation, this technique is done in a sitting position. You can sit on a mat, a cushion or even on a chair. Keep your body relaxed and your back straight. When choosing the sitting position for you, find the position where you are most comfortable and relaxed. Sitting on a mat or cushion, you usually get into a lotus position or half-lotus position of crossing the legs and putting your hands together.

With sitting meditation, you focus on your breathing. If it becomes difficult to do so, you can try counting to ten and back again until you are more focused on your breathing again. Let thoughts out of your mind if they start to infiltrate your mind. Bring the focus back to breathing every time.

Many beginners tend to like sitting meditation because of its simplicity. There is also plenty of information on this type of technique, so it will be easy to explore this option.

Body Scan

A body scan meditation is more focused on the body than on the breathing. With this meditation, you focus on your body, from top to bottom. With this type of meditation, you let go of pent up emotions and your need to do things. You focus on the smallest part of your body, such as your finger or toe and go through all parts of your body.

With body scan meditation, your mind is trained to switch focus from the small things to the bigger ones. You become more aware of every part of your body and accepting what is.

Mindful Yoga

There are different types of mindful yoga techniques and you can choose what suits you best. Yoga can be focused on breathing exercises, physical postures or contemplation. One type is centred on the third eye, located in the area between the eyebrows. Another type of yogic meditation focuses on the chakra of the body. The meditation can also be done by gazing at a single object and training the mind to focus and concentrate.

The simplest technique to try out is the third-eye yogic meditation, although the other types of yoga will also be beneficial. What this meditative practice will do is help you enhance your focus and attention.

The result of regular meditation is astounding. You will not notice it in a blatant way, but you will see a change in how you think and how you deal with problems and difficult situations.

Not one technique is the best. What you can do is try the technique that is within your comfort zone and will be easy for you. As you progress, you can venture into the more difficult types of meditation techniques.


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