Six Tips For Better And Deeper Meditation

For beginners, meditation doesn’t come easy but it shouldn’t feel like an insurmountable feat either. If you feel like you have to scratch and claw your way into peaceful consciousnesses every time, take a step back and examine your technique, yourself and your environment. There MUST be something wrong. Pinpoint that and fix it before you attempt to meditate again.

To ease your path towards inner peace and awareness, here are six amazing tips that address the most common obstacles beginners face in meditation:

Accustom Yourself to Silence

Noise is everywhere. It becomes such a constant part of your routine that you get used to it. Once you sit or lie inside a quiet room to meditate, everything becomes new.

So, teach yourself how to appreciate silence. If you normally work with headphones blaring into your ears, take them off. It will not block sound completely, but it will definitely lower the noise level. Also, spend a few minutes in silence and in just being there every time you wake up. Gradually, your body will learn how to welcome silence.

Make People Happy

Helping others out and putting smiles on other people’s faces give off a positive burst of energy. It spreads happiness, and it makes you feel better about yourself, too. As a result, you drive good vibes and good will towards you.

It’s such a wonderful experience that it gives you a greater sense of self and strengthens your connection to the present, helping you ease into meditation later in the day.

Practice Some Yoga

Meditation requires a certain level of physical strength and endurance. So, make yoga a part of your life. Start with the simplest of poses and slowly work your way up to more complicated exercises.

Eat Right

The foods you eat can affect your mood. So, stay away from fatty, greasy, and heavy meals before you meditate. Instead, load up on vegetables, fruits, and grains. They’re lighter and easier on your digestive system.

Sing or Listen to Uplifting Music

Sadness is a distracting emotion. So, if ever you’re feeling blue, sing or listen to a song that lifts your spirits up. Allow the melody and lyrics of your personal anthem to soothe you.

Commit to a Schedule

Did you know that “being busy” is the mother of all excuses in meditation? Fifteen to twenty minutes is enough to meditate. Surely, you can squeeze that into your daily schedule. Find a meditation technique that works for you and set a definite time and place. Stick to it and you’ll receive all the goodness that meditation has to offer.

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