Start Your Day With Meditation

What’s the first thing you do every morning?

Do you immediately traipse towards the kitchen for a cup of coffee? Or do you jump into the shower to wash the cobwebs of sleep right away?

Regardless of your waking up routine, mornings could be tough, even for the bubbliest ray-of-sunshine kind of person in the world. When your back and your bed seem like two attracting magnets, it is just so hard to get up.

However, you can make it easy. Just start your day with meditation; your transition from dreamland to reality will be smoother than ever.

Check out the reasons why starting your day with meditation is the right thing to do.

Meditation Instils a Sense of Purpose

Meditation gives you time to imagine the rest of the day unravelling the way you want it to. You start with a realistic goal and you tell yourself, “I’ll achieve this today”. As a result, it gives you a shot of positivity right at the beginning and that stays with you throughout the day. You step out of your bedroom believing that today will be amazing.

It’s a Fresh Start Everyday

Have you ever been so busy that all the days of the week seem to fuse into one? Meditation will allow you to see today as today, a fresh start that’s unaffected by yesterday’s events. It will quiet your mind and give you a better perspective. So even if the previous day was a drag, it won’t taint your mood or wane your determination today.

It Allows You to Talk to Your Inner Genius

Believe it or not, you’re more intelligent and creative in the morning. Because your mind just got out from its slumber, it’s quieter and clearer. You won’t have to think hard. A little nudge is all it takes to let the insights flood in.

Simple Morning Meditation Technique

Right after you wake up, sit cross-legged on the floor or sit on the edge of your bed. Keep your back straight but relaxed. Relax your arms and gently place your hands on your knees.

Close your eyes and just breathe in and out. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus 100% on your breath and body. Do this for at least fifteen minutes.

Now, isn’t it easy? Start your morning meditation routine tomorrow. Before you reach for a cup of coffee or jump into the shower, meditate first to enjoy a surge of positivity, productivity, and creativity every morning.

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