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If you’re brand new to meditation and mindfulness then you’re in the right place! You can find out more about learning to meditate here, but for now let’s focus on why you might be here!

The Secret to a Happy and Healthy Mind

My mind used to drive me crazy with thoughts of self-doubt, anxiety, fear and many other things that kept my confidence low and quality of life limited. The one thing that turned this all around was meditation. To sum up what it did for me in one word is it gave me freedom. Freedom to enjoy greater peace of mind and well-being , while  unlocking the doors to a flood of creativity that I now use in business and in life to live the life of my dreams.

Here is one of my most popular resources that became a #1 best selling book that I know will help you to explore what meditation can bring to your life. It is my story on how I went from a life I hated, to living the life of my dreams and how you can do exactly the same.

Master Your Mindspace: Mindful Practices For More Calm, Clarity and Focus in Just 5 Minutes a Day, is the culmination of over a decade studying mindfulness and meditation and the result of working with thousands of individuals on changing their lives.

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What is Meditation?

A Newbie in Meditation? Here’s a Quick and Easy Guide for YouYou’ll find many different ideas on what meditation is depending upon who you talk to or what type of meditation people do. The fact is that meditation has been around for thousands of years and back then it didn’t have a name at all because people were doing it naturally as a way of life.

If you think about it, the concept of meditation has really taken off in mainstream media these days and it’s because we live is such a fast paced world that shows no signs of slowing down, that the need to enjoy the simple things in life like happiness, peace and balance continues to rise. As people suffer more from things like depression, anxiety, stress, feeling unfulfilled in their lives, and living a life of quiet desperation, the search for a better way to live became a priority.

In a sense, meditation is not so much a better way to live, it’s more a very simple way to step back from the distractions that rob us of time, energy and motivation, and enjoy a few moments of silence so that the mind becomes quiet and the body relaxes. When this happens, then the mind becomes clearer, our ability to focus gets easier, and as a result our productivity increases with less mental or physical effort required.

For me, meditation is a state of peace and calmness that grows inside you the more you allow it in your life. It is the art of doing nothing and find a way to be at peace and in joy with just being present with what you are doing.

Will Meditation Work For Me?

Are You a Meditation Sceptic? Here’s Your ProofI get asked this question all the time by people who are new to meditation as well as people who have dipped their toe in the water with it but gave up when they didn’t get instant results. The main challenges that you may come across when meditating is that the mind won’t be quiet, the body gets restless, and it seems almost impossible to focus on the meditation itself.

These things are all quite natural and easily overcome if you learn to meditate the right way. That’s why mindful meditation is a great place to start because it doesn’t matter how busy the mind is, or how restless the body gets, because they can become part of your meditation experience.

The real secret to meditating deeply is not to stop the mind from thinking, but rather to become less attached to thoughts. When this happens, the mind suddenly stops and that’s when you become aware of a calm, clear space filling your head. This happens as a process of learning to allow thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without needing to judge or avoid them. Mindful meditation is for anyone and can be used almost anytime and anywhere. Click here to get started for free…

What Are Some of the Benefits of Meditation?

mindbodySome of the scientifically proven benefits of meditation include:

  • Lower stress
  • Less anxiety
  • Boost in creativity
  • Better mental stamina
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Better digestion and lower blood pressure
  • Deeper or broader compassion
  • Insight into yourself and your sensory experience
  • A better relationship with your emotions
  • Lowered risk of heart attack
  • Increased size of your brain matter

This is by no means all the benefits that come from meditation, in fact most of these are a by-product of the affect that meditation has on the brain and the central nervous system. The best way to find out what meditation can do you for you is to have your own experience of it.

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