Strip Power Away From Negative Thoughts

Having negative thoughts about oneself is normal. All of us, at some point in our lives, have felt small, incompetent, or inadequate. It could have been towards work, our relationships, or just life in general. But the point is, everyone has felt it and will probably feel it again.

It’s a part of life. Our brain is susceptible to these thoughts as much as it is susceptible to fun, blissful or, happy thoughts.

But, what do we do? We can’t let negative thoughts invade our lives forever, right?

That’s your choice. Negative thoughts will come and go. How you react to them — that’s your choice. You can either give them power to make you doubt yourself or you can stop them dead on their tracks.

Think about it. Negative thoughts are just that. Thoughts. They’re not facts. They’re nothing but useless worry-inducing, stress-causing figments of your brain that resulted from labels, years of social conditioning , and a whole bunch of other personal factors.

Bottom line: They can’t hurt you unless you want them to.

All of us have a place of pure peace deep within us, and we can access that pocket of serenity and use it to render negative thoughts futile and powerless.

Wondering how? Be mindful

Once you become fully aware of the present, feeling and living every moment as it happens, that place of pure peace inside you will slowly take over your mind and body. It will spin your perspective towards the positive, giving you wisdom and strength to dismiss negative thoughts and move on.

Mindfulness meditation will help you cultivate that skill. It’s a simple meditation technique that requires you to simply be “mindful” or aware of the thoughts you have without judging them. For a few minutes each day, be alone and let thoughts freely come and go. Notice each one but don’t react or dwell on it. Just acknowledge and let go. It’s an exercise that will help you stay in touch with the present.

Moreover, start paying attention to activities included in your daily routine. Keep your mind present while taking a shower, eating breakfast, walking to your office, or buying coffee. More often than not, your brain and body switch to autopilot during these moments. So, purposely snap them back to the present and practice being mindful during these times.

Mindfulness is a skill and a quality at the same time. Develop it continuously and a tough shield will form between yourself and those good- for- nothing negative thoughts.

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