The Growing Popularity Of Meditation Amongst Men

For people who believe that meditation belongs to the realm of the esoteric, it is probably safe to assume that these same people believe that a stereotypical male – tough, aggressive and the stronger sex – would be averse to practicing it. This is far from reality as more and more men are incorporating this ancient practice of transforming the mind and body into their daily lives. Read further to find out why.

Male Public Figures are Joining In

It’s not just men who wear robes or who call themselves gurus who are practicing meditation. Influential public figures – from businesses to politics – are admitting to meditating and professing the benefits that it offers. This is paving the way for the gradual acceptance of meditation, not just by the male population but by the general public.

Famed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper did a piece on meditation on the television program “60 Minutes”. He started as a sceptic but ended up as a believer. Influential people like him make great spokespersons for meditation. Men who say meditation is “girly stuff” may be blocking other men from giving it a go.

Perhaps meditation would gradually gain acceptance among men if they see an increasing number of male public figures extolling its many and varied powers and benefits. It’s as simple as ordinary men seeing and realising that “if these powerful and influential men are doing it and their life is benefitting from it, why not me”?

Support from Science

Meditation is good for the mind and body.” There is now a great body of scientific literature supporting this claim. However, regardless of gender, the support of the scientific community greatly helps in swaying potential practitioners from both males and females from different countries around the world to start meditating.

Studies show that regularly meditating lowers blood pressure, improves the immune system, and re-wires the parts of the brain responsible for stress and anxiety, well-being and compassion. Powerful men in suits, soldiers and male showbiz entertainers are joining in and showing the public that indeed meditation works wonders.

Meditation is Still New

The status of the ancient practice of meditation is still relatively new in mainstream consciousness. Just a few decades ago, so few people are practicing it and not many scientific investigations are being done on it. The benefits claims may be exaggerated; who knows? What is important is that you may have started meditating to transform your mind and body, but you’ve stuck with it because you’ve realised that practicing it daily makes you a better person not to yourself but to others.



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